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When human connection can come down to swiping left or right on an app, dating is bound to be confusing and more difficult than ever. North Carolina singer-songwriter Anna Lynch sings of love in the age of Tinder on the gentle, reflective "Hotter Than Hades," from her forthcoming album Apples in the Fall (out on March 13, 2021).

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If you’ve not discovered her yet, then do yourself a favour and taste of the fruit here, it’ll leave you wanting her to come back soon with a full orchard.

American Songwriter

 Many of the songs speak to love in the modern age as easily as they reference the country songs of old, and there’s a hint of wry irony in many of her lyrics.


...lush, bittersweet new album, Apples in the Fall, the much-awaited follow-up to  her 2013 self-titled debut.

Saving Country Music

If you’re apt to fall in love with the albums and songs from sincere and critically-acclaimed songwriters such as Lori McKenna, Emily Scott Robinson, and Caroline Spence, take a listen to this new EP from Anna Lynch called Apples in the Fall that is likely to nestle quite smartly into your tastes and sensibilities. An excellent little effort with really well-written songs and sensational melodies, about the only gripe to raise with Ms. Anna is how she leaves you wanting more. 8/10


A voice that draws you in with a gentle warmth and non-threatening depth, but it's her raw honesty, when it comes to her turns of phrase, that serves as the true workhorse behind the EP.


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